the Recent Backdrop to Events in Eastern Ukraine Clearly Propose A Need for Federalism






Oleg Tsarov Oleg Tsarov is a People’s Deputy candidate for the office of President of Ukraine.  He was kicked out of the Party of Regions recently however for his views.



Tsarov’s post on Facebook May 2  is headlined, WEST DIRECTLY INCITES THE KIEV REGIME [TO] BEGIN A CIVIL WAR! “Particularly shocking statement by Western powers of the International Monetary Fund. According to the statement, the two-year programme of the International Monetary Fund to provide credit to Ukraine to $ 17 billion, could be reviewed if the country will lose effective control over economically significant South-Eastern regions. ”

“Now the reason is clear for the antiterrorist operation. The loss of these three areas drastically reduces the IMF loan.” So our military is shooting for her exclusively in the financial interest of the Kiev elite. ” ”

Tsarov was brutally beaten after a live broadcast on ICTV on April 15:  “National Deputy, presidential candidate of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev was attacked by an armed mob that stormed the building. With great difficulty, Oleg Tsarev repulsed from the angry militia members of the State security.

As reported by the Assistant of the Deputy, who was with him at the time of the events, Oleg Tsarev ICTV Channel had left the building about an hour before. He was severely beaten and was in serious condition. PRESS SERVICE OF THE MP OLEG TSAREV

I  talked with a friend, Nelly Hatum Kara-murzi, who is now in Eastern Ukraine, where she grew up, and I asked her:

I’m wondering how large a body of people in Ukraine support secession along ethnic lines, and whether this is a movement supported or initiated by Tsarov.

Nelly: This movement was initiated by citizens.  They asked [Oleg Tsarov] to represent them and their interests and to lead this community, as no any other senator pays attention to this movement and their problems.

Paul:  And has he agreed to do so?

Nellie: Size of it is today 5 biggest industrial regions -oblasts – Harkov and harkov oblast (state), Donetsk, Lugansk, Odessa and Zakorpat’e – are the cities and regions that have already proposed independent republics. And another four are rising up slowly.

He agreed to lead this movement and represent their interests to be heard on government level. Tsarov was under attack 3 times. One time he was nearly killed. There are three opened investigations against him “supporting” separatism and he is the only candidate to the president’s chair who doesn’t have government security that he MUST have.

He supports the people’s will expressed in a referendum for the necessary constitutional changes and the federalization of Ukraine. People in different regions are too different.

Paul: Does secession mean cutting all ties with Kyiv?

Nellie:  Unification with Ukraine, but with close relations with Russia instead of EU.

Yesterday in Odessa about 1500 radicals who entered the building as “football fans” attacked Odessa protesters and killed 30 people burning many alive in the Trade Unions Building, which they set on fire with Molotov cocktails.

“Anyone, who reads this, please do not believe a single word of bullshit, which mainstream media in the West is feeding you. Ukraine is being hijacked by a gang of criminal thugs, who use nazi radicals to supress any different opinions.

“We are not “pro-Russian” we are pro-ourselves and pro-personal freedom. I don’t want my country to turn into a facist zoo. Dennis Schedrivy May 2

People in Kramatorsk (Donetsk region) report that tank columns rushed into the town. Helicopters shot down people. In Slavyansk snipers that seized roofs on some building opened fire at local residents. ‘National guard’ do not let ambulances to the town, despite there are dozens of wounded and killed people.  — Дмитрий Колесник  May 2

“Earlier on Thursday [April 24] Ukrainian troops entered the eastern city of Slavyansk, killing at least five of pro-Russian protesters. “Meanwhile, Putin has -warned Ukraine there would be consequences for decision makers following their use of force against pro-Russian protesters.

“Over the past weeks, Russia has repeatedly warned Ukraine against using military action against pro-Russian protesters. Pro-Russian activists have taken control of government buildings in more than ten cities in the eastern parts of the country. They have been demanding local referendums on independence.”   — Press TV

“On Wednesday, [April 23] Moscow warned that Russia will respond if its interests are attacked in Ukraine, recalling the 2008 war with Georgia over South Ossetia. “The warning comes as 600 US troops are heading to the region in a show of force and follows Kiev’s orders for a new “anti-terrorist” operation in the eastern Ukraine where pro-Russian protests are gaining momentum.”   Press TV

“On Thursday, [April 24] the Russian Foreign Ministry called on Washington to force interim authorities in Ukraine to halt the operation against pro-Russia protesters. “We are counting on the United States to take urgent measures in the interests of de-escalation,” the ministry said in a statement, adding,

“Washington must force the current Ukrainian leadership to immediately stop the military operation in southeastern Ukraine and withdraw military units to their permanent bases.”

“‘So far, nothing has been done to resolve this urgent task…. We hope that Washington understands the full measure of its responsibility for what is happening,” it said. “The Russian Foreign Ministry also said phone conversations planned for Wednesday and Thursday between Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his US counterpart, John Kerry, had not taken place.”  Press TV

By making additional demands of Moscow, the United States is distorting the Geneva agreement which aims to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine, Russia says. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made the comments on Friday, adding that Moscow firmly contributes to easing the tensions based on the Geneva deal. “Russia will firmly contribute to the de-escalation of the conflict based on the compromise approach agreed in Geneva…there can be no one-sided demands,” said Lavrov.

“And we are being presented them – first of all I mean the United States of America who have an outstanding ability to turn everything on its head,” Lavrov added. The top Russian diplomat also denounced Kiev’s military operation in eastern Ukraine, calling it a “bloody crime.”

Lavrov said Kiev’s interim government would face justice for waging a war on its own people. Press TV

US Secretary of State John Kerry has delivered a stern warning to Russia over its activities in eastern Ukraine, saying Washington was preparing for severe economic sanctions against Moscow.

“Let me be clear, if Russia continues in this direction, it will not just be a grave mistake, it will be an expensive mistake,” Kerry said Thursday at the State Department one week after foreign ministers from Russia, Ukraine, the US and the European Union clenched an agreement in the Swiss city of Geneva to deescalate the crisis in Ukraine. While stopping short of announcing new sanctions, Kerry said the US was ready to act if Russia did not take steps to ease the turmoil in Ukraine.” Press TV

William Beeman said in an interview with Press TV on Thursday that Washington cannot deny “the fact that it had that role in an earlier period of time in Ukrainian history.” “This just goes to show you that your foreign policy actions are never without consequence. They come back later and can be used against you,” the analyst stated.

Beeman added that the United States has lost its “credibility with the Russian population” in the eastern part of Ukraine. The political commentator added that ethnic Russians in Ukraine remember well the US-backed “Rose Revolution” in Ukraine in 2004.

“It (the Rose Revolution) brought the government that’s just been overthrown to power. The Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine were greatly disadvantaged during this period, and there was a lot of corruption as well,” Beeman said. Press TV

The United States is using the Ukrainian unrest as an “excuse to expand military operations” near Russia with the ultimate goal of “balkanizing” the Russian Federation, an analyst tells Press TV. “The US is continuing, along with its NATO partners, to encircle Russia, that is the primary objective here,” Bruce Gagnon of Global Network against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, said on Thursday.

“It’s very clear that the US intends to break Russia up, to balkanize it like they did Yugoslavia, like was done in Iraq,” the analyst added.

US President Barack Obama warned Russia Thursday that new economic sanctions are “teed up” in the wake of a fresh warning by the Russian foreign minister that attacks on his country’s interests in Ukraine would draw a firm response.

Obama accused Russia of not abiding by an agreement reached in Geneva last week to ease tensions in Ukraine.

Speaking at a University of Connecticut contemporary issues forum on Wednesday, Clinton said that the sanctions against Moscow must be “tightened and widened” to prevent the Ukraine crisis from escalating. “I think Russia will pay a big price for this,” Clinton said. Press TV

Frankly speaking, we do not see any other ways for sustainable development of the Ukrainian state other than a federal state,” Lavrov said last week.

“Maybe, some people know better and some magic formula can be found within a unitarian state. However, when the west, the east and the south celebrate different holidays, honour different heroes, have different economies, speak different languages, think differently and are attracted by the culture of different European civilisations, it is very hard to live in a unitary state in such conditions.”  See New Republic Story