The Enemy Within

Many protests these days are efforts to squelch or suppress an opposing point view. Freedom of speech is not considered universal or permitted to those who use it to advocate discriminatory policies or the limitations on the freedoms of others. We say that such freedoms are available to just anyone, but in practice, it seems that they are not.  In other words, the tactics of fascism, or a police state, are used by large groups of people to enforce their will upon others with whom they disagree. Political correctness has become a tool of fascism.  It’s like not ever being able to question the holocaust.  Fascism is used to fight fascism. We have people advocating love, compassion and tolerance while throwing Molotov cocktails and destroying store fronts. There’s a t-shirt being promoted on Facebook right now that says, ‘Fuck racism. Nazis get punched.” People make the pretense of being on the left are advocating violence. The use of violence is becoming more and more popular on the left, not to achieve anything in particular beyond the need to vent. People are shouted down if they promote an idea or ideology that others disapprove of. It’s like killing people because they advocate murder.

There are serious contradictions in social philosophy in terms of who may kill, who may discriminate, who may inhibit the freedoms of others. If you belong to MoveOn or work for George Soros, you can shut down anyone who supports Trump.  The end justifies the means. But whatever value is advocated is unfortunately defeated by such tactics, because those who stand in the middle can see what is going on. In the war of propaganda, little is won and much is lost. The values don’t stand up, because the underlying principles are not adhered to.

I’m very troubled by this movement. I see much of it as a personal exhibition of anger and dissent, perhaps cathartic but rarely accomplishing more than that. Those who should be persuaded are not, and the fear and distrust created among establishment figures creates an impulse to use even greater force to come down hard on those who protest. One step forward, two steps back. Does anyone seriously believe that there are any constructive gains made by such actions?  What values are truly being championed?  Polarization in society simply grows as each side sees the behavior of the other and distrust increases. Those who see the need to use force to restore “order” seem more justified in doing so.

Perhaps another civil war is what we are looking for.  It’s no longer a war between Left and Right, because these labels don’t mean anything anymore.  We just have two sides hating each other, and willing to stoop to any level of corruption or violence in order to win.  What went on with the DNC is a perfect example.   There is no attempt to find solutions to these divisions. Can Trump seriously be stopped? What is the purpose of protest when the outcome of the opposition and its success is pre-determined and guaranteed? Trump will win his travel ban. There’s no question about that. It may require a re-write of the executive order, but it’s going to get done. The problem is that in the end, his winning creates impetus and justifications that weren’t there in the beginning.

The Left needs an entirely new strategy that goes far beyond this so-called “Resist” philosophy. If you know that the other side is going to win, even if you resist, then when the other side does win, it weakens you and empowers them even further.  The Left is just blowing smoke.  Everything I see being done is a waste of time and extremely foolish.  Congress has become even more divisive since Trump took office, and these efforts, these useless attempts to block nominations with all-night filibusters have done nothing but make the Democrats look as powerless as they really are.  Obama institutionalized the use of executive orders in order to bypass Congress, so now we have them being used by a Republican President to achieve ends liberals oppose.

it’s time that the Left look to the courts more and less to the streets. If there is no legal argument to protect your interests, you have nothing. Human rights and civil rights all have a Constitutional basis. It needs to be sought and defended. If it isn’t there, then whining is a waste of time.  Go home, wait for the next election and SFU.


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