Trump, it’s Time to Clean House

Most of my lefty friends are not going to agree with me, but that doesn’t deter me from saying what I believe.  To start with, I do not believe 99% of the allegations I’ve read about Trump. I didn’t vote for him, but I believe that the left has so demonized him that the extremists on the far right actually believe such nonsense. The KKK and David Duke and people who hate blacks, Hispanics and other non-whites have been inspired and emboldened by all the lies the left has perpetrated. We don’t do justice to American politics with lies. We don’t encourage people to lean left with their views by propagating bullshit that anyone with common sense will not believe. I don’t believe that I ever came across an article in the mainstream press that ever gave him a fair shake.  They have done nothing but write their own epitaph.   The calculated raids on his campaign appearances by the left have fueled the violence and hate. George Soros and have never been reputable guides to political solutions.  The left has said things about Melania that are far worse than anything Trump himself has ever said about women. I’m frankly deeply ashamed of where the left stands as a movement.  Now they want Sanders to run again?  What a joke.   

I don’t for a minute believe that Trump is a saint, but I don’t believe that he is much different from most businessmen. I know a number of millionaires and they are all self-centered egotists. That’s a natural human flaw that accompanies financial success. He is no doubt a womanizer to some degree, he’s probably very guilty of  misogyny, but what about Bill Clinton?  That’s again a flaw that comes with being a successful man in American society. It should not be accepted, but that’s quite different from singling him out for being some kind of icon of male perfidy.  His family has never criticized him, so how bad is it really?   Does it make him unqualified to be President?  What were our choices?  He has probably abused his employees as most wealthy men do. They get wealthy by taking advantage of the weaknesses of others. Trump is a capitalist, but no more evil than the capitalism of a woman who makes millions off her speeches to Wall Street or seeks to enrich herself through corporate graft. The machinations and manipulations of the DNC in order to rig the primaries and the election are about as evil as anything I can imagine in a country that calls itself a democracy.

His domestic policies are not based on racism. I think that they are misguided, but way overblown in terms of what they suggest to others. Trump ought to be spending a billion on helping Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia and other South American countries with jobs programs so that people don’t have to come here in order to survive. But I didn’t see the left proposing such solutions it was more important to them to demonize him. They said he was a racist because he wants to build a wall. Yes, a stupid idea, but it wasn’t racist.  it was simply a proposal to win over people who have a problem with illegal immigration.   it got him votes.  What else can you say about it?  We need firm policies regarding illegal immigration. There’s no question about it.  But hate obviously didn’t convince the voters. Lies are lies, and they can sooner or later be understood as lies.

The issue of Muslims immigrating to this country was nothing more than a proposal about security. If I held a party and thought about inviting Muslims, but I knew that there were some who wanted to hurt me, but didn’t know who, I’d probably want to think about that twice and try to establish some kind of screening mechanism as well. I might even cancel the party.   That isn’t racist. That’s good sense. Trump has done a lot of business in Muslim countries. I don’t believe that he has an attitude about Islam and I don’t believe that he hates Muslims.

All our time has been wasted on Trump’s personality instead of exploring his policies.  No wonder he is such a mystery to people. 

What is worth considering, however unpredictable he may be, is that Trump represents — hopefully — a revolution in how government works. What’s good is that he is an outsider. He will bring a revolution in policies that haven’t worked and will never work. I’d like to see an end to the huge deficit spending on military adventurism and regime change. Trump will work with Syria and Russia to defeat the Islamic State. He’s got NATO scrambling to try to figure out how it’s going to survive, since it’s purpose of taking down governments and installing new ones friendly to the US is all that it knows. What is NATO going to do, now that war with Russia is no longer on the drawing boards? What about that huge military buildup on Russia’s border?

Trump has been noted in the past for being to the left politically. It seems clear to me that he went right in order to get elected. And he sunk the ship of fools Hillary was steering with all her neoliberal friends. May God bless him for that. We need fresh blood in government, and despite the pain it may cause to some liberal institutions and causes, a little suffering for that revolution is worth it. It’s time to clean house.