The Left Needs Honesty and Integrity and a True Heart for the People to Win

What’s most interesting about the results of the election is how unpersuaded people have become about the mainstream press and its views. That’s a good thing. I don’t know of a single news site that has any credibility that wasn’t preaching against Trump. Somehow, the voters didn’t buy it. The results will even further disqualify the usual pundits, as well as the pollsters, and demonstrate how much they are in the pockets of corporate America. Hooray for the independent press. Indeed, however corrupt the Hillary machine was, it simply didn’t have the power to change the will of the people. We can talk about how disreputable Trump is, and how rude and crude and unsophisticated a man he is, but it’s clear that the Establishment has been trounced, and that’s also a good thing.

It’s obvious that the Democrats are going to have to change, and hopefully die as a genuine party. The power of the left is going to swing toward what’s left of the Bernie supporters, but it won’t be Bernie Sanders this time. He showed what a sellout he is. We will need a true voice crying in the wilderness, a dark horse who will rise up and lead us with honesty and integrity. Hillary lost because she’s a fraud, a woman too entrenched in the status quo of corporate largesse. She was never for the people.

The American domestic scene doesn’t look very good from here on out, and just as American blacks were greatly energized by Obama’s election, we’re going to see a lot of people on the fringe right who believe that this is their time as well, and that’s not a good thing. Muslims and those immigrants from the south need to beware, not about Trump but about the average hater who believes that he can do anything he wants and not suffer the consequences.. But this will be a time to re-assess, a time to get closer to our true values,and to get behind not the lesser of two evils but someone who truly has our interests and will stand for the things we believe in.

Frankly I worried about civil war if Trump wasn’t elected. But the animals have been unleashed anyway. Take stock, my friends.  Watch your back.  Unite with those of us who believe in a better future, so that we can pull together our forces and achieve a position of strength.

And I suspect that the gridlock will continue in Congress, but for the opposite reasons. But maybe not. The Democrats have always caved in to the Republicans. But I don’t think we’ll be going to war with Russia anytime soon.


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