Rita Harrison: A Willow For You


The Willow System: What is It?

A drop of poison in the blood from the bite of a snake will soon spread throughout your body and kill you. Ideas about who we are also have that kind of power.  If you believe that you are a cripple, you are or soon will be.  If you believe that you are the greatest singer on earth, you will have to fight for that prize, but you’ll probably get pretty damn close.

Ideas about self set limits to growth.  They can turn us into street gangsters selling crack and ten-dollar whores and they can also turn us into astronauts.   They are like the forms a contractor uses to pour concrete into.  We create these ideas of self, pour ourselves into them, and then we harden like concrete.

Life, at least how we perceive it,  is largely the product of our imagination.  We believe that we are bright or stupid or better because we know how to brush our teeth in the morning and do something ritualistic, like wind-up automatons,  every day for money to pay the bills for a lot of garbage we don’t really need.  We fight everyday to belong to something, to anything, by either an artfully designed scam or by spending years in academia learning how to mate bees in space in order to prove our worth. I think most people do ask why, but never get beyond that.  Becoming who we are is as unique for a man who spends a career stamping metal in an automobile factory as it is for someone who believes in self improvement and is out climbing mountains and learning to play the sitar.

Imagination, as we all know, has its flaws.  Chicken Little imagined that the sky was falling.  Some of us can’t do much better than that.  The people in the village were not prepared for the truth because they believed that the boy who cried wolf was always lying.  And right now, wolf or not,  you believe that you are commonplace, attractive only to the rude and the crude, so you’re in the bars looking for love.  What would happen if you believed that you were beautiful?  Who would you reach out to then?  Would you stop going to IHOP and start going to Vino’s? Would you stop using Cover Girl and switch to Dior?

Opening Up the Pathways of Self

Understanding the relationship between mind and body has long been recognized as the key to solving many riddles that are presented in diagnosing various illnesses.  What we imagine infiltrates our entire system.  Cardiovascular problems are linked more closely to depression, a psychological disability, for example, than to physical attacks on the body through smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.  Maintaining healthy relationships, particularly in your family, and having a positive attitude are just as important as eating the right foods and getting plenty of exercise.

The Holistic View of Self

It is not by accident that Rita Harrison, founder and creator of the Willow System, named her holistic health program after the Willow tree. “The weeping willow,” she says, “is a perfect metaphor for holistic healing.”  Holistic health focuses on the whole body and mind as a highly integrated and balanced system of health management rather than viewing particular physical symptoms as being isolated, localized problems.  If your knee is out of joint, maybe it’s because your nose is too.

In the Willow System, various elements of the Willow tree are used to symbolize different aspects of human life.  Family and relationships are represented by the roots, the trunk represents the physical body, and the branches reflect our energy and emotions,  The life of the tree, however, is very dependent upon making all these parts work together harmoniously, so the function of integration is significant in completing the picture.   Human life is like that also.

It is no coincidence that the willow bark has for centuries around the globe been a recognized cure for many ailments, particularly to ease pain and reduce fever, as far back as the time of Hippocrates, and was long used in Europe, China, ancient Egypt, Sumer and Assyria. In America, the Cherokee and other Native Americans were very familiar with its healing properties as well.

In 1763 Bayer, the pharmaceutical company founded in the same year, began synthesizing  acetylsalicylic acid, a modification of salicin, the vital health ingredient produced by the bark of the Willow tree.  Acetylsalicylic acid is more popularly known as aspirin,  Often called a “wonder drug” for its many medical applications, aspirin is a known cure for heart disease, strokes and blood clots, and has recently been found helpful in curing several forms of cancer, including both prostate and lung cancer. Just a little dab every day from the willow tree will do you.

It goes without saying that the willow tree itself is a system that, like holistic health, serves a larger purpose, not only in being a beautiful tree, but in producing a healing substance that is valuable to other living things.  It “lives kindly” by adding this substance to the soil out of which other plants grow.  A holistic view of life is that when all things are working together and are respected for what each contributes, we will have peace and harmony.  We too must live kindly not only in respect to our whole body and mind, but in respect to the world around us too.

When all the parts of the tree are healthy, it can fulfill that function.   When applying a holistic health system to your lifestyle, you can become a valuable and productive human being worthy of all that oxygen you suck up from the atmosphere. If your family life is a mess, you’d better find out why and fix it.  As on earth, so in heaven.  The simplest struggles we have are mirrored in everything we do, because they are a product of the root core of your beliefs, the original form in which you poured your concrete.

 It is no accident that people drive themselves off psychological cliffs.  If the doctor can’t find a drug to stop that pain in your lower right thigh,  then maybe you should be seeing Rita.  Psychosomatic disorders frequently cause psoriasis, eczema, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and heart disease, but those are only the most obvious.  They cannot be treated with drugs.  They might better be treated with that smile you get from the nurse at the doctor’s office.  Or Rita’s.  They must be treated with change in how you manage life, in how you see yourself, and in what you project in values about yourself. 

Bringing the Consciousness of You Into Focus:  Learning Who You Are

Rita Harrison, through the Willow System, can help you find some of those concrete blocks and blow a few of them up with the dynamite perspectives she has.  Rita provides training, seminars and private sessions “to bring forth shifts and changes in your thoughts, feelings and actions.”  When the holistic approach is used, the relationship between who you think you are and the discomfort or pain you suffer in your life, whether physical or mental, becomes apparent. She uses an integrative method that unites health, relationships, spirituality and career into a single you, showing you how one aspect of your life can have an impact on another.  enabling people to be the best that they can be. She uses you as the source of your healing.

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

Rita engages her clients directly, in live class settings as well as in person-to-person, one-on-one counseling, but she also provides counseling via Skype and other virtual-based methods available through modern technology.  She recognizes the spiritual connection that people can make without the need for physical presence or being in the same geographical space.  But she also recognizes very clearly that the source of healing is not Rita but you yourself.  All healing comes from within.  The mind and the body together are like a Rubic’s Cube. To be whole, things must be in their proper place.  Whether it is pain caused by an idea that you cling to, or some person or thing you believe is responsible for your unhappiness, the true source of healing is within the self.  With your openness to that thought, Rita is there to guide you to it.

The Practice of Becoming You

Self-empowerment is fundamental to the process.  It is you who have set yourself in stone, and sometimes you’ve built the bathroom where the kitchen should be.  It is only you who can free yourself from it through the dynamic of first loving who you are, where you are, and realizing that you are much more.   This brings about a change in your behavior, a shift in your habits, thereby bringing about healing.

The healing is about freeing yourself to love, to be able to love and to accept it when it is given, to enjoy and to make the most of what is instead of waiting for what might be.  Anger, hatred, a refusal to forgive, blame and resentment are greatly disabling.  These are very much like snake poison.  They bind you as though committed in marriage to those things that hurt you, and prevent you from moving on toward habits that are healthy, creative and satisfying.

An integrative, holistic treatment & education system that creates self-empowering shifts will produce revolutionary changes in your body, mind and soul.  Get ready for it.

To contact Rita, send her an email at info@willow4u.com.or see her contact page at http://www.willow4u.com/contact/

She also has a toll-free number,  1-800.790.6140


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