Kashmir, the Nobel Peace Prize, and Becoming an Ambassador

As some of you may know already, the Global Village Forum and His Excellency Amb Mohammed Khan have chosen to honor me with a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for my advocacy of Kashmir’s right to self-determination and in opposition to India’s brutal repression of that territory.

I can hardly ignore such an honor, and while I have always eschewed the grandeur of such titles which tend to distinguish and self-glorify one from the hard work that others do, I feel duty bound to honor the Global Village Forum reciprocally. 

I have chosen to add the title Amb (short for ambassador) in honor of the organization I represent to and for the United States.

I have served the Global Village Forum in this capacity for several years in somewhat subdued fashion, without title or fanfare, perhaps because I believe titles must be earned and should not be flung about as though they signify special powers or privileges.  It is the honor that I bring to the organization which should distinguish the title, not the other way around. 

Based in Pakistan but with members from all over the globe, we strive for peace under all circumstances and among all countries by bringing a truthful balance to all international equations. I can only hope that the title will lend itself to my effectiveness in this work in the future.

There are more than 200 nominations every year, and I’m quite sure that there are many more people far more qualified than I to receive the ultimate prize, but I do hope that the nomination will heighten awareness of Kashmir’s cause. That is what is needed most, and i will continue to contribute what I can to that effort. Thank you, Ambassador Khan and the Global Village Forum.


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