The Party Joke: What are We Electing?

The disgusting thing about today’s report in The Hill about the Democratic Party moving left is that it reveals so clearly how the Democratic Party has no other focus but winning elections and how little it appreciates the depth of knowledge of the common Facebook addict. How conservative do we have to be to win? There is no plan to preach, to persuade, to educate. There is no plan to discuss justice or principles or human rights. There is no appeal to our conscience.

Second, the candidates are only intent upon discussing only our most nationalistic sentiments, our domestic policies at home about gun control and gay marriage; when politicians run for office, they think that all we care about is jobs and social security. But when they get into office, suddenly the domestic issues disappear and the issues are all about sanctions against Russia, the threat from China, the next G-8 Summit and fighting ISIS. The pretense is that we are all electing a President of the United States while the new President then has a whole new constituency, the heads of state of every foreign country he can sell Boeings and antiquated F-16s to. He becomes the chief guardian and protector of the privilege of making IMF loans to countries that have been trashed by corrupt dictators. He becomes the chief salesman for every corporation that wants to take advantage of all the cheap slave labor in India. He becomes the chief warmonger to keep the military industrial complex afloat. Occasionally, when there’s another false flag terrorist attack in Mozambique, he gets to talk about “uniting against terrorism.”

Where is the discussion about foreign policy, about NATO, about globalization from a political perspective? Why is there no discussion about the deeper political ramifications of agreements like the TPP? Are we really supposed to be too ignorant and too dumbed down to understand?


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