What’s Wrong With You People?


Yesterday, according to news reports, seven people were stabbed at an event in Sacramento, California, promoted by an allegedly far right group called the Traditionalist Worker Party believed to be white nationalists.  A number of others were also hospitalized with injuries, according to the L.A. Times. The event was confronted by a group of “counter-protesters” and fighting broke out almost immediately.

I think the truth is yet to emerge in terms of who was responsible for the stabbings, but it is ridiculous to be pointing fingers when such violence is almost guaranteed in such circumstances. I don’t know who is behind this, but someone please explain to me how this hasn’t heightened the visibility of the Traditionalist Worker Party exponentially.and drawn vast supporters to their cause.

This is disgusting. However much we might reject the views of so-called “Neo-Nazis,” this should not be happening. It is unimaginable to me that people who promote peace, love and harmony are in the streets engaging in war with people with whom they disagree in a society where free speech is one of our fundamental Constitutional rights.  Counter protest may also be free speech, but when violence is predictable, it’s no different from shouting fire in a crowded building.  I would have trouble believing that this isn’t an event that wasn’t inspired by the agents of Soros if I didn’t see my own friends using the language of hate in discussing these people.

The air is filled with nothing but hate right now, and it is coming from both sides, not just those we call “the haters.” This is not the solution, fellow progressives. We cannot dictate. We cannot force so-called progressive globalist thought on a people who do not have the privilege of taking the broader view and want a nationalist identity.

Globalism is practically inevitable, but it must come naturally. We have Brexit, a step backward from a desire to impose a globalist agenda that was illegitimately conceived by elitists who are using the trend for their own selfish gain.  We have Trump because people react to changes they have never been taught to accept, and the reactionary forces are great in number.  They are a constituency for demagogues, and progressivism loses its validity the moment it dons the tactics and methods and all the intolerance of the less compassionate, and all those who would be tyrants. Democratic process exists so that this evolution can take place peacefully. Let’s continue to believe in it.