The Demon Among Us

Eastland Mall in the Detroit area was forced to close not once but twice yesterday morning because unruly crowds attempted to rush the store where Kids Foot Locker was selling the highly anticipated release of the Girls’ Air Jordan 12 Retro Vivid Pink shoe,

I think fashion has always been around, Madison Ave or not. Air Jordans have apparently taken fashion to an almost surreal level, however. They’ve practically reached the level of a medium of exchange. It’s just that dollars don’t smell nearly as bad after they’ve been traded a couple of times.

Fashion usually originates through some item associated with someone we admire greatly. But we have this phenomenon in which a whole industry can spring up out of nowhere in modern society that actually farms the fashionable. It grows it in some design studio and then unleashes it on the public like the Zika virus and leaves a bunch of shrunken heads.

When people live on the absolute edge of having the latest and greatest, and they rush out enmass to get the latest release, it looks very choreographed, and it probably is. it’s like marketing is a sort of demon spirit that possesses them collectively.

We need to be examining the possibility of enacting laws that reduce our exposure to this kind of manipulation. This is embezzlement This is like a woman falling in love with her rapist. How is it possible that a society that celebrates freedom so much sanctions public psychosis so that you can be taken over at your very roots?


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