Obama’s Legacy: A Divided Country

by Paul Barrow

The elections are outrageous this year.  Unless something dramatic and unexpected happens, we appear to have a choice between Trump’s demagoguery (his playing to the appeal to bigots) and Hillary’s militarism.  I don’t know which is worse.  Sanders is the left’s response to the disappointment in Obama, his ties to Wall Street, things like the NDAA, his sellout of single-payer universal health care, and his wars, which Hillary has been a big part of. They both tacitly accept Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians, which doesn’t encourage me about his being of any help for Kashmir.  He lied to the left about how left he was. 

Trump, I believe, is the fundamental outcome of the distortions the Republican Party have been saying about Obama being a Muslim, a communist or socialist, and someone who wants to destroy white America.  Trump is the end result of eight years of propaganda, and I think it’s worked.  In that sense, Obama is almost singlehandedly responsible, despite himself, for dividing America.  He has said publicly himself that America is more divided now than when he took office.  There’s a large portion of America that just wasn’t ready for him.  He pushed some people left, and he pushed a lot of people to the right.  There’s nothing left of the middle.  I think that’s very dangerous for this country. 


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