Gun Control? Wait a Minute

All these calls for gun control simply stir paranoia on the right (and to some extent as well on the left) that the monsters in power are trying to take their liberties away. Maybe they are. Mass shootings, however, aside from the few false flags out there, are coming from a mental disease carried by a dysfunctional society where the value of life has become meaningless. This is not just a government conspiracy, and to the extent that it is, it nevertheless reflects a broader culture out of which it has festered.

When you have a youth culture that embraces blowing people’s heads off and watching guts fly everywhere in their video games, an adult culture that is out doing the real thing, a Hollywood culture that celebrates it, churches that thank God for it, and disrespect for others that is deeply embedded in a Facebook culture where cutting off relationships is executed by the click of a mouse over absolute nonsense, true life is left in a virtual reality and real life is a hostile enemy, a bunch of dirt bags worth no more than the morning’s garbage.

I see these same attitudes, this same culture of hate, of alienation, of being dispossessed of any sense of “the other” among my 3,641 friends, almost all of whom are quite well left of center. Or anarchists. What does it take to make people realize that that bitch at home you call your mom only on your better days or that drunken asshole dad who just bought a new boat and your bicycle doesn’t even have a chain on it — when do you realize it all started at home?

Materialism has made us very self-centered — all of us — and when you combine that with such disrespect, it is deadly.

Where are your children, if you even cared to have any? Off at the daycare while you work? Off at the babysitter’s while you party? Concern for child well-being is more about self image than it is about the real welfare of children. My Billy takes karate. But shove the kid in front of a TV or the XBox. Let me do my thing, please.

What people do not seem to realize is that the womb doesn’t end with birth. We have a whole society to raise.


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