The Next Big Thing

Trump-Next Big ThingThe bombardment we are all receiving and of course contributing to in this election cycle is yet another grotesque display of American politics and all the distractions it entails, not to mention the gross exaggerations and lies that pass for the character assassination of one’s opponent. There’s this win-or-it’s-to-the-barracades mentality in all of it because one’s opponent is most certainly a demon sent from hell to destroy us all. Our Chosen One becomes Jesus Christ Almighty. We elect presidents as though we are electing emperors or saviors. The significance we give to the presidency is the most exaggerated aspect of the whole process. We want a “commander in chief.” We want someone who can order shit around. If we elect a socialist, our world is suddenly going to become socialist. If we elect a capitalist, the corporations are going to take over.
My feeling is that Trump is really running for another television show, not the presidency, because his inflammatory statements don’t reflect a carefully considered effort to win votes.  There’s something really familiar about this, when you think about it.  He’s doing a Caitlyn Jenner on us. You have to look at its market value.  So what’s his next move? What’s Trump’s next big play for an audience and star attention?  Hmmm….
Sanders isn’t picked apart nearly as much as Donald Trump as a personality. Trump’s style gets in the way of his substance, or on the other hand is the substance,  and Sanders’ substance is too glaring in its omissions, as Black Lives Matter took issue with.  The most glaring is that his domestic policies shield him from a close examination of his foreign policy.  However, it is foreign policy which is really the key to any achievements in domestic policy. There isn’t any money for baby diapers because half our budget is being polished , stolen and resold out in a desert somewhere to those we call our enemies.
What I sense from Sanders is that his positions are much too canned and formulaic.  He is out of touch with the real grassroots that has so affectionately embraced him,  and has no reach into the heart of America and its suffering and the death of any righteous spirit that has taken place since our leaders took the low road.  Greedy men never consider the collateral damage from their actions; it’s only about winning or losing.  That’s the nature of America’s foreign policy, and Sanders is very much in bed with it, however much he denies it.
But regardless of who occupies the White House after 2016, you can be sure that very little will change. They both promise a big strong military, which means that having military bases spread out all over the globe and engaging in threats and intimidation wherever it serves corporate interests and the arms trade will remain the same.  Trump thinks he can get cozy with Putin; Sanders, on the other hand, is for more sanctions.  He is going along with the lies about Russia because he serves a banker’s master, and a larger more global agenda.  Trump’s just in it for a business deal.
As such, there will be no money for domestic policies. Will Sanders end war? I doubt it. This agenda comes straight out of Tel Aviv, and without question, Sanders will be a good little Zionist. Why are we wreaking holocausts on every Muslim nation in the Middle East? I hate to say it, but to these creeps, your life isn’t worth a plug nickel if you aren’t a Jew.  The ultimate vision is that Israel, our “friend,” will be the dominant military and nuclear strength in the region.
And the poison it brings in terms of fractured families whose men come home to a quiet domestic life as trained and battle hardened killers will continue to erode the general moral tenor of life and our respect for one another.  That seems to be part of the agenda, too.  Play havoc with the cultural foundations of America, and you  can control it.  Both these jokers will suck up to Israel — Trump because that’s where the money’s at, and Sanders because, as a Jew, that’s where his heart is at. Welcome to Greater israel, folks. And welcome to the further disintegration of everything goyim.

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