Florida Returns child to Mother, Abandons Neglect Case

Heidi and daughter Sarah in a photo taken around Christmas 2014

Heidi and daughter Sarah in a photo taken around Christmas 2014

Really good news. I’ve posted probably more than a couple of times about the gross injustice perpetrated against my dear friend and her daughter by Florida’s child protective agency, the Department of Children and Families.

They took Sarah away from her mother more than five months ago, and we have been fighting them with every weapon we could pick up ever since. Now, after numerous accusations were filed against Heidi for abuse and neglect, ranging from stealing the child and killing its “real” mother to intentionally and maliciously breaking Sarah’s bones in order to control her, DCF did a complete 180 yesterday, returned Heidi’s daughter to her and indicated that they were dropping the case.

The lies and fabrications they invented were completely outrageous. None of the accusations were true, Sarah’s bones were never broken, and she was in fact Heidi’s daughter.Heidi is the last person in the world to ever abuse or neglect her daughter; quite the contrary. I have long considered Heidi to be the best mom I have ever known.

DCF knew all this from the very beginning, but were motivated criminally to take the child away from her mother simply to add another child to the foster care roster in the state of Florida, bringing in thousands of dollars in Federal money.

The decision by DCF to return Sarah to her mother came quite unexpectedly. Their court filings just last week had indicated that they might be ramping up their case with new accusations. A trial had been scheduled beginning on the 15th, just four days from now. So the reasons for this about face are still unclear, and it may take some time to really understand. Heidi has taken the matter to the state Inspector General, to the FBI, the Justice Department, other local law enforcement agencies, and civil filings have been made. In addition, she had been demanding a bone scan to verify the findings by an independent forensics radiologist that the x-rays DCF had been using to suggest bone fractures actually showed nothing whatsoever. So in several respects, their backs were up against a wall. Perhaps time will tell the true story.

In any case, I don’t think I have been more excited in my entire life by any other event. The trauma this has caused both Heidi and Sarah is unbelievable, an enormous and tragic abuse of a mother and child that has undoubtedly left permanent scars. I’m deeply relieved that this chapter now appears to be coming to an end.


3 thoughts on “Florida Returns child to Mother, Abandons Neglect Case

    • please inbox me.. i had a similar situation …its over and kids are back, yet i was forced to plea guilty to get them back…..My public defender said …..”it is not about justice, right now, it’s about getting those girls back.” I agreed… I would have done or said anything to get them back.. They suffered a horrible trauma due to the negligence of CPS.

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