The Next Big Thing

Trump-Next Big ThingThe bombardment we are all receiving and of course contributing to in this election cycle is yet another grotesque display of American politics and all the distractions it entails, not to mention the gross exaggerations and lies that pass for the character assassination of one’s opponent. There’s this win-or-it’s-to-the-barracades mentality in all of it because one’s opponent is most certainly a demon sent from hell to destroy us all. Our Chosen One becomes Jesus Christ Almighty. We elect presidents as though we are electing emperors or saviors. The significance we give to the presidency is the most exaggerated aspect of the whole process. We want a “commander in chief.” We want someone who can order shit around. If we elect a socialist, our world is suddenly going to become socialist. If we elect a capitalist, the corporations are going to take over.
My feeling is that Trump is really running for another television show, not the presidency, because his inflammatory statements don’t reflect a carefully considered effort to win votes.  There’s something really familiar about this, when you think about it.  He’s doing a Caitlyn Jenner on us. You have to look at its market value.  So what’s his next move? What’s Trump’s next big play for an audience and star attention?  Hmmm….
Sanders isn’t picked apart nearly as much as Donald Trump as a personality. Trump’s style gets in the way of his substance, or on the other hand is the substance,  and Sanders’ substance is too glaring in its omissions, as Black Lives Matter took issue with.  The most glaring is that his domestic policies shield him from a close examination of his foreign policy.  However, it is foreign policy which is really the key to any achievements in domestic policy. There isn’t any money for baby diapers because half our budget is being polished , stolen and resold out in a desert somewhere to those we call our enemies.
What I sense from Sanders is that his positions are much too canned and formulaic.  He is out of touch with the real grassroots that has so affectionately embraced him,  and has no reach into the heart of America and its suffering and the death of any righteous spirit that has taken place since our leaders took the low road.  Greedy men never consider the collateral damage from their actions; it’s only about winning or losing.  That’s the nature of America’s foreign policy, and Sanders is very much in bed with it, however much he denies it.
But regardless of who occupies the White House after 2016, you can be sure that very little will change. They both promise a big strong military, which means that having military bases spread out all over the globe and engaging in threats and intimidation wherever it serves corporate interests and the arms trade will remain the same.  Trump thinks he can get cozy with Putin; Sanders, on the other hand, is for more sanctions.  He is going along with the lies about Russia because he serves a banker’s master, and a larger more global agenda.  Trump’s just in it for a business deal.
As such, there will be no money for domestic policies. Will Sanders end war? I doubt it. This agenda comes straight out of Tel Aviv, and without question, Sanders will be a good little Zionist. Why are we wreaking holocausts on every Muslim nation in the Middle East? I hate to say it, but to these creeps, your life isn’t worth a plug nickel if you aren’t a Jew.  The ultimate vision is that Israel, our “friend,” will be the dominant military and nuclear strength in the region.
And the poison it brings in terms of fractured families whose men come home to a quiet domestic life as trained and battle hardened killers will continue to erode the general moral tenor of life and our respect for one another.  That seems to be part of the agenda, too.  Play havoc with the cultural foundations of America, and you  can control it.  Both these jokers will suck up to Israel — Trump because that’s where the money’s at, and Sanders because, as a Jew, that’s where his heart is at. Welcome to Greater israel, folks. And welcome to the further disintegration of everything goyim.

Florida Returns child to Mother, Abandons Neglect Case

Heidi and daughter Sarah in a photo taken around Christmas 2014

Heidi and daughter Sarah in a photo taken around Christmas 2014

Really good news. I’ve posted probably more than a couple of times about the gross injustice perpetrated against my dear friend and her daughter by Florida’s child protective agency, the Department of Children and Families.

They took Sarah away from her mother more than five months ago, and we have been fighting them with every weapon we could pick up ever since. Now, after numerous accusations were filed against Heidi for abuse and neglect, ranging from stealing the child and killing its “real” mother to intentionally and maliciously breaking Sarah’s bones in order to control her, DCF did a complete 180 yesterday, returned Heidi’s daughter to her and indicated that they were dropping the case.

The lies and fabrications they invented were completely outrageous. None of the accusations were true, Sarah’s bones were never broken, and she was in fact Heidi’s daughter.Heidi is the last person in the world to ever abuse or neglect her daughter; quite the contrary. I have long considered Heidi to be the best mom I have ever known.

DCF knew all this from the very beginning, but were motivated criminally to take the child away from her mother simply to add another child to the foster care roster in the state of Florida, bringing in thousands of dollars in Federal money.

The decision by DCF to return Sarah to her mother came quite unexpectedly. Their court filings just last week had indicated that they might be ramping up their case with new accusations. A trial had been scheduled beginning on the 15th, just four days from now. So the reasons for this about face are still unclear, and it may take some time to really understand. Heidi has taken the matter to the state Inspector General, to the FBI, the Justice Department, other local law enforcement agencies, and civil filings have been made. In addition, she had been demanding a bone scan to verify the findings by an independent forensics radiologist that the x-rays DCF had been using to suggest bone fractures actually showed nothing whatsoever. So in several respects, their backs were up against a wall. Perhaps time will tell the true story.

In any case, I don’t think I have been more excited in my entire life by any other event. The trauma this has caused both Heidi and Sarah is unbelievable, an enormous and tragic abuse of a mother and child that has undoubtedly left permanent scars. I’m deeply relieved that this chapter now appears to be coming to an end.

Kay Davis and Separation of church and State

Kim Davis is an interesting case as a political activist.  The issue involved — gay marriage — is obviously a very divisive one in the U.S. When presidential candidates step out and support someone like that, it is evident that Davis wasn’t just speaking or acting solely for herself.  She obviously knew what the consequences of her act would be. She should have known she was going to jail, and she was willing to go that far to make her point.  She became an icon of the conservative right on gay marriage, even a hero in their eyes.

Activists on the left who cry that she is obligated to uphold the constitution, and that her religious cherry-picked views (three divorces, etc.) don’t belong in a state institution, fail to recognize political civil disobedience being engaged in a cause that has substantial public support.  Civil disobedience certainly is no stranger to the left, and it seems that a more accurate perspective would be a political one, not a legal or religious one.  Kim Davis ought to be applauded for using her position to protest against a law that she didn’t like.  The Left could take some lessons from this. I don’t think her religious views matter or that any legal reason matters.  This was civil disobedience, plain and simple.  The fact is that she believes that the tradition of marriage is somehow the sacrosanct heterosexual ceremony that history shows it to have been up until now, and she believes it to be proprietary, to be held exclusively by heterosexuals.  That’s her opinion and she’s sticking to it.  Conservatives bring forward all their arguments for why they believe gay marriage is inappropriate, but the simple fact is that they are guarding a long-standing tradition that they do not want to give up.  That’s what conservativism is all about.  Keep the status quo.  Don’t change anything.

I don’t support the opinions of Kay Davis.  But I wouldn’t call her dumb, or an asshole, or any of the other blistering names she’s been called.  You can agree or not agree with her, but I do support her right to express her political opinions in whatever manner she sees fit.   If gays want to entangle themselves in all that legal bullshit associated with formal marriage, I could care less.  And since the Supreme Court has issued a ruling on it, there’s nothing more to say.  But I do applaud Kay Davis for standing up for what she believes in.

However, marriage is and has always been throughout history a religious institution.  Marriage is a cultural function, a way of bringing the blessings of both society and God upon the marriage. it has until recently been largely a function of the church, and as such, religious views are deeply entwined in our beliefs about it.   I think the primary problem occurred when the state decided to perform ceremonies and sanction marriage itself.  The merging of church with the state occurred then, not in Kay Davis’ actions, and that’s where the mistake has occurred. The state has no business involving itself in the personal values of its citizens.  It should not be interfering in cultural traditions whatsoever.

Marriage is not a right.  Marriage is something you negotiate.  Marriage is a stamp of approval, whether by God or by Ru Paul, because it goes beyond the simple matter of deciding to live with someone, so it should be sought among those willing to approve it. The matter of gay marriage should be left to whatever institutions, religious or not, are willing to conduct such a ceremony.