The Elections: Act One

In a country as polarized politically as ours is, the in-your-face politics of confrontation seems to be growing. The gap between left and right has always been there, but people have become fierce and combative in demanding that their own agenda dominate over the other.  Perhaps social media and technology have become both the weapon of enlightenment as well as propaganda where we each have our own preferred source of truth.

Now, on the one hand, we have the crassness and insensitivity of a Donald Trump who boldly goes where no one has gone before by insulting his way to the highest, and perhaps the most corrupt, office in the country. Clearly he has his constituents.  His take no prisoners approach to immigration and women is apparently beloved by many. 

But what happened to Sanders builds on the idea that the radical left is not so radical after all because it’s been absorbed by, would you believe, the Democratic Party.  His mellowed out, yellowed out tone on race issues, however, seems not to have been well thought out in the context of an energized black consciousness. People like directness. That’s the national mood. Talk about shit.  Let’s call out the bastards.  Nebulous remarks about income inequality don’t nail any real sin or define any real evil in the system.  That’s where Trump has it all over Sanders. It’s not that he’s in greater possession of the truth.  He’s in greater possession of people’s feelings – at least a certain segment of them.

And obviously the Democrats are as divided as the Republicans on who it is that represents the party. 

So we have two cripples in the end that will do battle, because it seems unlikely that either side will ever really come to an agreement that unifies the party and takes on the challenge seriously of trying to win an election.  The Hillary people will never get behind Sanders, but I can see the apologists from the other more progressive left caving in because they are by nature and nurture the just-want-to-get-along type, you know.

Trump can’t be bought, but that’s a lie, because what do capitalists do anyway?  We’ll see where that goes.   


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