Israel’s Collision course

Netanyahu’s open declaration that he opposes a Palestinian state, and that there will be none while he is Prime Minister, may have won him re-election, but it spells trouble for Israel on several fronts.  That closes the door to all hope for Palestinians, leaving no option but violence and terrorism.  With negotiations flatly off the table, the U.S. now has no option left but possibly to sanction Israel, to hold other agreements at bay, and provide limited cooperation where Israel’s interests are at stake.  States on the fence who haven’t committed fully to supporting a Palestinian state may now do so, with UN recognition now even more possible.  All this sets Israel on a collision course with the rest of the world.

In addition, Netanyahu’s behavior has offended a number of people — the French, particularly, when he invited Jews to move to Israel after the Hebdo attack, French President Hollande who uninvited Netanyahu to the Paris march but he came anyway, bullying his way onto transport buses and pushing people out of the way,  and Netanyahu’s grandstanding in the U.S. Congress with his flip of a finger at the U.S. President.  His shameless arrogance and guiltless slaughter of thousands of Palestinians is reminiscent of African dictator Ida Amin. 


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