the Non Breeders

Women often speak about how they are crushed, or smothered, by men who want to restrict their lives to some inner layer of the man’s own identity.   The woman is supposed to withdraw into this domestic cocoon, give up her friends, and be a slave to whatever demands the man makes.  She is a broom, a mop, a frying pan and a dishrag in his mind, or an extension thereof, a get me my bong, and turn the channel to XYZTV puppy dog playing fetch; not a human being.

It’s obviously a Republican, Christian Right philosophical view about relationships that is some throwback to the Eleventh Century, but it is also obvious to me also that any proprietary rights they might lay claim to it have long since been eroded.  Far too many men, both left and right, take this view.

In our technological age we have a new breed of men, a kind you will find in places like the Silicon Valley and in cities like Seattle where computer technology-businesses have flourished.  Geeks are non-breeders, as a friend of mine likes to say.  There is a tendency toward homosexuality among them, and at the very least they feel awkward and shy around women, perhaps even impotent.  They are attracted to what are viewed today as “liberal” values about relationships where traditional gender distinctions tend to get sidelined and a narcissistic self-interest becomes dominant.  The universe becomes centered around ME. The percentage of women employed in tech industries is low, and women cannot find jobs.  As a result they migrate elsewhere, leaving a disproportionate rate of men to women in the population, further aggravating the problem of men and women functioning together as nature intended.

The most disturbing aspect of geek mentality is that a woman has no value whatsoever, and that they should appreciate these men for their talents and having achieved such noble status at the leading edge of civilization. They practice a form of gender apartheid.  There is no focus on the family, or the needs of a woman who must bear a child, nurse it and raise it in a safe environment.  Geeks are gadget oriented, not breeders.  Their value is in things.  Who wants children anyway?   They might spill something on the laptop.

So the professional woman is undesirable in the tech world, and the woman who wants to be a stay-at-home mom is unneeded.  What’s left?  How does a woman value a man who doesn’t value her?  What occurs is a cultural smothering of not only a woman’s identity but of constructive family relationships that produce children.

Well, maybe that vast river of life highly focused in human nature is cleansing itself.  Maybe some men shouldn’t be breeders.  Maybe that’s left to those who are more rooted in man’s animal nature and that civilization produces such men when it deviates fundamentally from its core duty, which is to sustain itself vitally as sexual human beings, to reproduce and advance its own kind.  One might call it the Karmic effect of a grave injury to the human spirit and its collective consciousness, the self-inflicted death spiral of a race that is no longer relevant.


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