Racism and Riots: What Conservatives Think

A number of people on the left seem to believe that the riots in Ferguson might have benefited the cause of blacks more than hurt it.

I have a cousin who spent a career as Vice President for Ford in Detroit in charge of investments and later became a bank president when he retired from that position. He is very conservative, as you would expect, and communicates regularly in groups that share common views on issues just as we on the left do. I asked him to give me a conservative’s view of Ferguson. He has sent me several graphics which I am posting (see below) to demonstrate those views and how significantly I believe the riots contributed to racism. We can call conservatives racist, assholes, dumb or any other number of names, but if we are going to solve the problem of racism, then we have to consider carefully our solutions and not simply justify whatever happens.

Yes, I agree that the shooting of an unarmed man may carry more weight than the destruction of a few businesses, or particularly, the long history of police violence against blacks, and the case of Eric Garner emphasizes that even much more clearly,  but it is most important that we do something positive to change this rather than adding to the problem with emotional reactions. If the focus had been kept on the shooting and seeking justice for Mike Brown, there would have been much more benefit. It’s obvious from these graphics I am posting that blacks have given their detractors an opportunity to change the subject and focus on the riots instead. That doesn’t work too well if we want police violence to stop.

People also need to wake up to the realization that a criminal culture that has been spawned in poor black communities is feeding racial conflict in America. Average whites typically do not harbor racist feelings by the behavior of middle class blacks. Whites become racist because they are exposed every day to negative news stories that are generated by black crime and gang behavior that is popularized by the entertainment industry and the media, and that has become the defining character of what blacks are all about to whites who otherwise have little contact with blacks. Unfortunately, blacks validate the gangsta movement, the styles that go with it, and rap culture because it gives them an identity in a vacuum where there are few other avenues to gain respect and recognition.

Cops represent the only frontal contact whites have to this phenomenon, and they are either very racist because of the narrow personality types that are attracted to police work, or become very racist, because of their exposure to black ghettos which have the highest crime rates in any metropolitan area.

This isn’t the revolution we’ve all been waiting for, but it appears to be the revolution we’re going to get. Racism is bound to grow as long as this disease in the black community is allowed to grow. The only place whites can deal with this problem is in the larger political arena through whom they elect to office, and the economic policies of those candidates. No one else can effect change in the black community and get rid of crime but blacks, and it appears that there is little incentive to do that. And because politics has become so corrupt, that isn’t bound to change any time soon either in terms of what whites can do about it. As the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, we all need to realize that the real enemy is not whites, and it is not blacks; it is the vultures at the top whose greed is corrupting every aspect of American society.