Beyond Ferguson: It cannot be about just the injustice

The protests by themselves bring awareness of anger, but what is the anger about?  It cannot  be about just the injustice; it must also be about our government’s failure to act for justice with positive steps, with plans that can be implemented, with evidence of deep concern for the citizens it represents.  Ferguson protesters need to demand that those steps be identified.  Law enforcement has the obligation to use the courts as much as citizens do.  Instead they play judge, jury and executioner far too often.

This is laziness.  This is a failure to acknowledge human and civil rights.  This is a failure to acknowledge the elevated stature we give to human life itself, and to respect it above all else.  This is a complete breakdown of the processes that give the very fundamental purposes to law itself, which is to find and deliver justice wherever it is called upon to intervene, so that society can not only sanely function but be free from fear and experience the pleasures that are truly possible for the human being.  Why must life always be contentious, burdensome, and a terror for the common man?  Why is it that only a small percentage get to live above the fray?   Where is equality in the application of the law?

The Ferguson protests also need clear identifiable spokespersons who can enunciate demands for changes federally and at the state levels regarding both institutional policies and law that affect use of deadly force, which is key to the abuses suffered by minorities.  Various city groups need to come together through leadership and organize around specific demands.  And those demands need to be presented to appropriate law enforcement representatives, legislators, governors, and the President. 

If positive action is not shown immediately, then protesters must consider other options, but I will not venture to speculate at this time what those might be.  All the confrontations, the rioting and massive costs to the people of Ferguson should not go to waste.  For whatever it is worth, these must be the building blocks to something better, and not the harbinger of much worse that may yet still come. 


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