Why things are getting worse, not better

So many Democrats seem to believe that, despite their own failures in office, we should keep electing them because electing a Republican would be worse. And there’s every chance in the world that things could be worse. Certainly not better. Therefore it is regarded as extremely harmful to criticize Democrats because this provides fuel for the Republicans, and gives them greater odds of winning in the next election. It is of course the lesser of two evils philosophy.

What is important for them to realize is that the steady progression our country has taken toward loss of rights and a shift toward the right is their refusal to recognize standards, ethical standards, and Constitutional law that must be upheld, regardless of who is in office. The outright sale of this country to corporate thieves and bankers has occurred for no other reason than that Democrats have permitted it.

We can expect such a drift from Republicans. We can expect that money will rule when they are in office. We can expect that the Democrats will cry foul when Republicans are responsible for ignoring democratic principles and the rule of law. But when Republicans are in power, can they do anything about it?

The only restraint that will ever occur is the party that is supposed to stand up for the little guy and finally pushes back against this trend. The only change that will occur is when Democrats indict Democrats, because that’s the only chance they will ever get to do anything about it.

What we get, however, is shut up and drive. Don’t say anything when Democrats do it. And so corruption ultimately breeds more corruption when the Democrats have their hands in the cookie jar as well. The problems become so engrained, so embedded in the system, that even when Republicans do wrong, it’s so passe that hardly anyone notices except in cases where the offense is so egregious and aggravated that people begin clamoring for change. What can they say when the Republicans do it? Nothing, because they fear being exposed and because the Republicans have more political clout than they do.

When Democrats begin to realize that values and ethics and the protections we have been given in the Constitution are more important than winning an election, only then will things get better. When Democrats hold their own accountable, and are persistent in upholding standards that we all believe in, only then will we see an improvement in the political landscape.The enormous amount of blood that has been spilled so that we can have human rights, civil rights and freedom might as well have been dog’s piss for all these people who see nothing more important than holding the reins of power.

In Matt. 7:5 Jesus said, “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” Whether you are a Christian or not (and I am not), there’s some wisdom in that statement that Democrats ought to give some attention to.


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