Gaza and the Road to World War

In Gaza, raw brute force is on display here.  There are no apologies for what is being done to the Palestinians.  Not by Obama.  Not by Netanyahu.  Not by John Kerry or Hillary or anyone else in the establishment.  There is virtually no acknowledgement of anything called human rights.  There may be Jewish rights.  There may be American rights.  But there are no human rights.  No rights for the Palestinians.  Not one ounce of compassion for any of them.  The Palestinians have been the sacrificial lamb to the god of oil, of hegemony, of Jewish privilege. But the less obvious price we pay for power in the Middle East is our own freedoms, our own protective wall that keeps the wolf out.

9\11 and the subsequent “war on terrorism” was the defacto initiation of a police state that encompasses both Israel and the United States.  And the example has been set. Human life is as expendable as yesterday’s leftover lunch.  How bad can the wolf be?  The Jewish-Israeli-American model for taking power and property that is coveted from those who possess them tells our children to be just like them, to take life, property and the blood of those who we simply don’t like.  And I don’t see anyone trying to turn this moral ship around.  The state has become an ancient primitive instrument of otherwise civilized men’s thirst for the uncivilized, that which observes no law but self-preservation and greed.

Obama’s unequivocal support for Israel, shown in his response to a Florida student this past week, which became viral on Facebook, demonstrates just how far this administration has gone in betraying the dearest fundamental beliefs we have all regarded as the very pillars of democracy.  It shows how really weak Obama is in the face of the Jewish lobby.  He is unwilling to take the moral high ground. He is bullied by his own fears. He is a coward.  Perhaps he knows he will be little more than road kill if he challenges the Jewish establishment, with their tentacles in everything from banking to intelligence to arms trade.  He be a dead duck if he doesn’t answer to that. And maybe his wife and children. It is only much greater men like Martin Luther King who are willing to make that sacrifice.

Nevertheless, the gross, vulgar, brutal and inhumane assault of Israel upon the Palestinians is obvious to everyone in the world.  Four Latin American countries – Chile, Peru, Brazil and El Salvador – have recalled their ambassadors to Israel. Bolivia has declared Israel a terrorist regime.   64 public figures, 7 Nobel laureates, have called for an arms embargo on Israel similar to that imposed upon South Africa.  Tutu, Chomsky, Waters, Pappe, and others have accused the country of ‘war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.’ There have been massive demonstrations around the globe. Yet it continues, and the level of the assault is rising, and is not being scaled back.

This is sheer arrogance.  How could one group of people, upon whom such consideration has been showered by the world in order to give them a home free from persecution, manifest such evil?  The paradox is unfathomable.

A poll published by Tel Aviv university on Tuesday found 95% of Israeli Jews felt the offensive was justified. Only 4% believed too much force had been used. As much as 57% believed that not enough force was being used.  Breitbart

This is the road to world war.  The policies established here are a clear precedent for just about anything you can imagine.  When the soul has been eviscerated, the empty shell of the monster that remains only  wants to maim, to kill, to dehumanize all else that lives. Something has been let loose upon the world that sooner or later must be challenged.  It isn’t just the killing of thousands of Palestinians.  It’s the idea, the obscene value, of how the state may regard life. And it will not be easy.


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