Jews, Israel and the Seeds of Prejudice

In the context of the current reign of terror and devastation being brought upon Palestine, I don’t think there’s a word in existence that would describe how ugly and utterly depraved the state of Israel seems to me, as well as all those who support it.  I searched online for some graphic that would come close to describing this monster as it appears to me, and nothing even comes close. And then we have the prevaricators who step up to the plate with comments about how there are Jews both in Israel and elsewhere who don’t agree with what Israel is doing, and do speak out against it. I know. The minute you say something bad about Israel, we have to hear the apologists and all about the exceptions who don’t go along.  I have Jewish friends, and I would never consciously rank them with such horror…  But let me tell you something.  There is little that can be said to overcome the fact that this is a gang of thieves and murderers who commit all their evil deeds in the name of all Jews for Jews and by Jews, and that has created a prejudice in me that is very hard to deal with.  I know I shouldn’t have bad feelings toward all Jews, and I can intellectualize it, but emotionally, when I hear the word Jew, something in me wants to puke.  I am personally not to blame for what America does in its support of this travesty, because I’m in no position to do anything about it, and I speak out against it constantly. And I do not hold all Jews accountable either.  But Israel has planted the seeds of prejudice by their actions, and prejudice is not a rational being.  It too is a monster. There are little Hitlers in all of us, and I hope for all our sakes that Israel is destroyed utterly and completely by whatever means fate brings it.    .  .


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