Progressive and Pro-Family

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People are certainly going to wonder how I can combine the positions of being pro-child and pro-family with pro-choice. Pro-family organizations are usually conservative and anti-abortion. The truth is that I am very anti-abortion, because I have great respect for life and I don’t set artificial demarcation points at which a child becomes a child. I’ve come to realize that abortions in fact occur well after a child is born. I use that word loosely, meaning that mothers who don’t want children do great and irreparable harm to their children by simply not wanting them. I see mothers frequently who seem to have no love whatsoever for their children. They order them about like dogs. Get over here! Eat your breakfast! Where are you going? Shut up and sit up straight! I’m the boss here. I’ll whip your ass if you don’t do as I say. And they call that parenting. They have no sense or realization whatsoever that they have a fully conscious human being they are dealing with, with a fully developed need for dignity and respect and a sense of equality, and they believe that being a little dictator and keeping all that child’s rights forever in suspension will somehow produce a balanced and psychologically healthy full grown adult.

If you’re going to kill a child, the best time to do it is before it is born. It’s that simple. Don’t let that child grow up to be a monster because you didn’t care about it and had no sense of its deeper needs..You can provide all the toys in the world and give the child everything it wants, but if you take away its dignity, you might as well have had an abortion, because that’s one life you have already crushed.

Our society is sick enough as it is. There are large numbers of mothers, I believe, who don’t want the responsibility of nurturing and caring for a child. They want to get back to the cruise they were on before they got pregnant. They want to continue the social life and be the queen of the party like they were before. I’m not sure why they want children at all. Did they have children because it was simply a consequence of having unprotected sex? Did they want a little puppet to push around? Did they need something to beat on?

Child rearing is probably the most important responsibility anyone can have in life, and so many treat children like they are just chattel, animals that can be ordered about. I have a neighbor like that. I have yet to hear one word of sweetness come out of that woman’s mouth toward her children. If you’re that kind of person, and you find yourself pregnant, please, please get an abortion. Don’t clutter the world with more sickness and hate. If you’re going to have children, then be prepared to make sacrifices. Forget the extra job so that you can live in a nicer house. It’s not the house that makes the child. It’s the heart and soul that you build inside that child’s consciousness. Find a husband who will support you so that you can stay at home and give that child what it really needs. Support your husband psychologically so that he can grow in his career and have the confidence and strength to get that bigger house. Breast feed your child. Hold it close to you for as long as you can for as many years as you can. It’s the love and caring that will give that child its true strength.


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