What’s the value of a woman?

Elizabeth-Raine-Auction-Virginity-665x385Commodity or Soul mate?  Rent-a-friend or someone who desires you?  What kind of woman is appealing to you?   In a male-dominated world, a woman supposedly has a great disadvantage, we are told, but a woman like this who can command more than $500k just for offering a night of rub-a-dub dub, and who admits that she has virtually no experience in making it a pleasurable experience, turns that theory on its ear.

Elizabeth Raine (a pseudonym) is auctioning off her virginity online, and she reached the $300k mark before even showing her face.  It obviously speaks a good deal to the subject of what will satisfy a man and the lengths women will go to make a buck.  Ms. Raine is a medical student, and she wonders what impact this will have on her school enrollment, but perhaps she ought to be worried a little more about what impact this will have on her employability as a degreed physician. Frankly I think she reached a fork in the road, and took the turn that doesn’t lead to the nearest clinic.

But we all make choices in life.  So be it.

Is this a political issue?  Is the choice a woman makes about her body and how she uses it a matter of anyone else’s business?  That’s obviously been debated considerably in the context of abortion, but in that case, we felt that it was to be left between her and her doctor.  In this case, it’s to be left between her and her John.

Obviously it is against the law to engage in prostitution in most areas of this country, so this happy event will be consummated in Australia where apparently more liberal attitudes prevail.  However, the fact that it is against the law in the U.S. does make it a political issue here, so now we are confronted with another bucket of worms, or at least one wrapped in plastic, just when we were settling down in our armchairs to contemplate the bloodshed being threatened in Ukraine with our morning coffee.



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