Can You be Pro-Life and In Favor Of Keeping Abortion Legal?

Frank Schaeffer, once a leader in the Pro-Life movement, has shifted his stance in favor of keeping abortion legal.  His arguments are thought provoking. 


The leading theme of being pro-life while keeping abortion legal is one that I agree with. I’ve held this view for some time myself. However, while Frank Schaeffer seems to have a genuine heart and sense of compassion, we could not base our ideals on religious-based ideology, nor do I agree with his views about Obama. The problem in foreign policy is that a whole army of neocons/neoliberals both inside and outside the administration have for several administrations been quite entrenched in shaping the American world view of exceptionalism and the right to intervene in the affairs of other countries to “spread democracy.” Obama and most Democrats endorse the National Endowment for Democracy, NDI, USAID and other quasi-governmental institutions which engage in these activities, spreading conflict and destabilization everywhere they go.

However, as to the original theme, yes, I do believe that life itself is sacred, not because God said so, or because you can find inferences to this in the Bible, but because respect for life is absolutely fundamental to a progressive stance. It is the foundation of everything we believe in. We don’t believe in wars of aggression because killing the lives of others for whatever the gain. just isn’t an option. That is one of the principal reasons why United Progressives does not endorse the Democratic Party or support Obama. Arbitrarily deciding when life for a newly conceived child begins is a convenience but nevertheless poses the same challenge, because none of us have the right or the ability to play God. Yes, abortion should be legal, but support for mothers should have the highest priority


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