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Beauty and the Wounds of Kashmir
Shoes for President Obama
Revolution or Evolution:  An Israeli Model
The Sentencing of Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai:  Setting the Record Straight,%20%20Setting%20the%20Record%20Straight%20By%20Paul%20Barrow.htm
Revolution on the Precipice
What Makes the Holocaust So Damned Important
Kashmir: The Land of Tolerance and Forgiveness
The Real Impact of U.S. Policy Towards Syria
The Democratic Party Corpse: The Foul Stench Remains
The U.S. Recession:  What’s In It For You?
I’ve had enough: Obama, You’re Out×595243
India’s Rapid Action Force misused the United Nations emblem
Steering Committee, New Progressive Alliance
Director, United Progressives, with more than 10,000 members

Interview by San Francisco’s WTPN
Interview by Press TV

Israel Far Greater Threat to ME region than US
Interview by Press TV
Does Eurozone Face a make or break situation, with Max Keiser and Simon Dixon

NSA hacks system administrators to ‘blackmail’ them


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